Grail Movement

Abd-ru-shin did not intend to found either a new church, a sect or a religion, nor to preside over such. His Grail Message is addressed to the individual human being, since he through his own effort must come to the necessary recognition himself.

With the beginning of the dissemination of the Grail Message there soon came persons who endeavoured to live according to the Creation-Knowledge expounded in the Grail Message. And whenever people come together for the realisation of definite tasks there has to be agreement on regulating their co-operation. This, of course, also holds good for the informal associations that came into being from 1927 and formed the roots of the Grail Movement.

The Grail Movement is not a legal organisation, but a collective term for conceptual efforts to spread the Knowledge of the Grail Message and to realise it in all walks of life. About these endeavours and emerging associations Abd-ru-shin said in 1927:

“Although I joyfully hail the associations, I nevertheless cannot lead them, nor can I take part in them, for in the end such endeavours always result in ties for the person around whom they are grouped. […] I must be, and remain, free in what I have to say!”

The coming together of the adherents of the Grail Message forms the basis and the outer setting for the holding of hours for the joint worship of God (Hours of Worship) and Grail Festivals.

Facilitating Hours of Worship on Sundays and Festival days for Sealed adherents and for interested readers of the Grail Message is — besides supporting the dissemination of the Grail Message — a main concern of the Grail Movement in America. The conceptual fields of activity together with Hours of Worship and Grail Festivals, as well as the promotion of lecture events, readings, discussion evenings, seminars, events for children and young people, art exhibitions, concerts and more besides, comprise the activity of the Movement.

To support all this there naturally has to be an organisational structure restricted to what is most necessary and flexible enough to allow for reasonable changes. In the United States the framework comprises six local Grail Circles that combined, form the Grail Movement of America, which in turn is part of the international Grail Movement. It is the responsibility of the Grail Circle leaders, the leaders of the national Grail Movements, and the leader of the international Grail Movement to promote and co-ordinate the tasks mentioned.

In a Grail Circle people have come together whose life’s basis is the book “In the Light of Truth” The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin. Irrespective of faith and denomination the Grail Message is directly addressed to the individual, and offers him paths to the recognition of God, the World and self.

The avowal of the Grail Message is a personal decision involving commitment neither to the Grail Movement nor to a Grail Circle.

There are Grail Circles in many cities in numerous countries. These are sustained by volunteers and by donations. Joint Hours of Worship take place on Sundays and special Festival days.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, there are public lectures, seminars, and discussion evenings that offer the opportunity to learn more about the wealth of ideas contained in the Grail Message and to exchange views.

In the US, places of worship within the Grail Circles are owned by the charitable organization "Grail Foundation of America", a non-profit organisation based in Binghamton, NY. This is predominantly financed by voluntary donations.

The individual has no communal obligations but no rights either. No questions are asked about possible membership of religious groups or churches. At present in the United States, there are several hundreds Sealed persons, who strive to live by the Grail Message. The circle of readers and supporters is far greater. This is only to be expected from the fact that at present the Grail Message is available translated into 17 languages, that it can be obtained in over 90 countries and that the complete edition runs into millions.

* * *

The international Grail Movement originated on Vomperberg. The corporate body is the “Verein zur Verwirklichung des Gralswissens von Abd-ru-shin, Vomperberg” (“Association for the Application of the Grail Knowledge by Abd-ru-shin, Vomperberg”) with its headquarters in Schwaz/Tyrol.

If you would like to learn more about the reasons why at present the Grail Settlement on Vomperberg, whose importance becomes obvious from the life and activity of Abd-ru-shin, cannot be the earthly centre of the international Grail Movement you can obtain further information by contacting the address mentioned below or by using the contact form or by reading the certified translation of a court decision with footnotes from

Grail Movement of America
14318 Shirely Bohn Road
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Tel: (607) 723-5163